By Mallory Webb

Hello! This is officially my first blog ever to be written! It is a big day! I wanted to begin a blog on Daughters Baking both to communicate our heart and thoughts behind this business as well as give baking tips, tools, recipes, and inspiration to those reading. I also hope this gives room for more communication and connection with our customers and followers, and in a sense, to build more of an online community to share thoughts, ideas, questions, tips, inspirations, or even concerns. I am excited to see how this evolves! My hope is that different people from our staff will be able to each participate in this endeavor, and share more of their heart and passion through this online medium as well. I will begin this first blog with just some thoughts I had this morning in regards to this business that I would like to share with you.


I’m sure that most of you don’t know much of my background or my story, but I came from having a very timid and withheld demeanor for most of my life. I was overall a pretty sad person that carried around a lot of heaviness and inner conflict in my life. Life was very serious. I have experienced a great deal of inner transformation in the last five years, and this business is truly a reflection of that. Daughters Baking is almost an outside picture of what has happened on the inside. In addition to that, it is really cool to watch so many people be blessed by this business, just by their excitement and joy over experiencing a delicious and beautiful cake. They get bless simply from an overflow of what has happened inside of me. It is really so rewarding to watch! I really am such a different person. You can ask anyone who knew me back then. I am not different necessarily by my actions, but who I am on the inside and how I see myself, which in turn definitely changes my actions. 

While very much still in this process, my eyes have been and are being changed daily to see myself and others properly. I feel that from the places I have come from, my life is a picture of victory and hope. It also is a picture of self-love and beauty coming out of a place of ashes and heaviness and into a childlike-ness, lightness, joy, and playfulness that I was always destined to live. This childlikeness and playfulness is who I am. I have chosen to take ownership of this and am daily learning to let go of all the things that would try to keep me from this truth. My heart is to live a life full of laughter. That truly is my goal! To live a life of deep belly laughter and joy. I am ready for it. Bring it on! As for Daughters Baking, in the process of creating cakes, my heart is that our business culture would reflect these values as well. Let us make a culture of fun, playfulness, and laughter while also being excellent and committed to our trade. Let us bring both diligence and strong work ethic to business, as well as silliness, joy, and lightness. Let us bring a seriousness and focus to our profession, while being able to have fun and experience a thankfulness for everyday simple moments of life. I want this business to help remind people, employees, customers, and followers alike, of this type of lightness and joy amidst the struggles and monotony of everyday life. Let us make life joyful and fun in the best way we know how! 

Side note – I will say, I am definitely a work in progress in these values – especially with the pressures of navigating a new business! I do not embody all these things just yet – but my heart is that I really would one day. All that being said, through this type of culture, I honestly hope Daughters Baking shines. I hope it changes and inspires people in a way that maybe they don’t even know how to put into words. I hope people experience light through this business. I hope they experience hope, joy, and rest… and even nostalgia for their innocence as a child. May they in a way that is beyond words be encouraged and inspired. All of this simply happening cake by cake! 

So – all that being said – may Daughters Baking just continue to make great cake and make people happy, and hopefully change the world just a little bit one day at a time.

Love, Mallory 


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