New Year, New Goals + A New Recipe

Hi guys, Ramsey here! Who else can’t believe it’s already another new year? It seriously has blown my mind how quickly 2019 was here and gone. When Mallory asked if I would write the next blog entry, I was like FORRR SUREEEEE – everyone is writing these ‘What I learned last year / what I’mContinue reading “New Year, New Goals + A New Recipe”

Being Led

Hey y’all! Mal here! For today’s blog post I wanted to share about what it has been like to build a business for someone with a personality like me. I say “like me,” referring to the type of personality that is more of a creative, artistic “feeler,” and who always had a hard time inContinue reading “Being Led”

Oatmeal Molasses Bread

Fast forward a couple of months, Mallory posts from the Daughters Baking Instagram account about wanting to build her operations team and if anyone was at all interested in working in a small business or bakery, to contact her. This post peaked my interest for several reasons:: Reason one – I am a mother toContinue reading “Oatmeal Molasses Bread”

buttercream!!! :)

By Mallory Webb Hey y’all! Today on the blog, I will be sharing our base buttercream recipe! I am happy to share our basic buttercream recipe, as it was never mine to begin with! I learned it from others, who learned it from other people as well. I don’t necessarily feel like I have theContinue reading “buttercream!!! :)”


By Mallory Webb Hello! This is officially my first blog ever to be written! It is a big day! I wanted to begin a blog on Daughters Baking both to communicate our heart and thoughts behind this business as well as give baking tips, tools, recipes, and inspiration to those reading. I also hope thisContinue reading “introductions”

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