Being Led

Hey y’all! Mal here! For today’s blog post I wanted to share about what it has been like to build a business for someone with a personality like me. I say “like me,” referring to the type of personality that is more of a creative, artistic “feeler,” and who always had a hard time inContinue reading “Being Led”

buttercream!!! :)

By Mallory Webb Hey y’all! Today on the blog, I will be sharing our base buttercream recipe! I am happy to share our basic buttercream recipe, as it was never mine to begin with! I learned it from others, who learned it from other people as well. I don’t necessarily feel like I have theContinue reading “buttercream!!! :)”


By Mallory Webb Hello! This is officially my first blog ever to be written! It is a big day! I wanted to begin a blog on Daughters Baking both to communicate our heart and thoughts behind this business as well as give baking tips, tools, recipes, and inspiration to those reading. I also hope thisContinue reading “introductions”

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